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The Museum of Pharmaceutical History

The Pharmaceutical History Collection came to be at the Faculty of Pharmacy thanks to Andrija Mirković, the first professor of the history of pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Beyond his professional activities, he systematically collected pharmacy materials, tools, furniture, books, and other antiquities between the two World Wars, and...

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The Gallery of Sava Sumanovic

Welcome to the Sava Sumanovic Gallery of Paintings in Sid, a memorial gallery that preserves the legacy of 417 works of art by one of the greatest Serbian painters of the 20th century, Sava Sumanovic

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Museum of Vojvodina

The scientifically complex permanent exhibition presents the development of the human kind in the present territory of Vojvodina, covering the span of eight thousand years. On 3,000 square meters 6,000 objects represent archaeology, general history, arts history and ethnology. The permanent exhibition gives a synthesis of the region’s several millennia...

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Ram Fortress

Welcome to the most picturesque and powerful fortress on the Danube! This historical place bears witness to the many peoples and cultures that have lived in this area since Roman times, and the Ram Fortress was built in 1483 by order of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II – the grandfather...

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The Birth House of Stevan Mokranjac

Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac was a Serbian composer, choir conductor, excellent connoisseur of traditional folklore, music pedagogue responsible for introducing the Serbian national spirit into artistic music. He was born in Negotin on January 9, 1856. In May 1934, the first information about the house where Mokranjac was born and where...

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The Museum of Krajina

For almost 90 years, the Museum of the Krajina has preserved evidence of the rich history and traditions of the Negotin Krajina. One of the first complex museums south of Belgrade faithfully portrays the complex historical events and personalities of this region – from the hero of the First Serbian...

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Point of Interests

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2. Biography of artist

Sava Sumanovic (1896-1942) left 867 works of art in various techniques that have been cataloged. However, it is assumed that this number is much higher He was born on January 22, 1896, in Vinkovci, where his father, Milutin, worked as a manager of the Forestry Department. After his father’s retirement,...

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5. Young Couple on a Bench in Town

One of Sumanovic’s compositions that heralds the genre paintings of the Sid period is undoubtedly the oil on canvas Young Couple on a Bench in Town, painted in 1928. The painting represents a contemporary urban motif from the streets of Paris

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11. Winter in Sid

The snow of Sid, the winter landscape, inspired Sumanovic only after several years spent in Sid as if the artist was not interested in the subject How did Sumanovic paint snow? Let’s look at these three anthology canvases

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13. By the Little Forest

In 1935, Sava Sumanovic painted a large format with five nudes – By the Little Forest. This painting precedes the Bathers or Women from Sid in its form and style By the Little Forest, an oil on canvas from 1935, shows five female figures on the exterior. All the models...

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14. Bathers

In the Gallery’s permanent exhibition, you can always see fourteen large formats belonging to the cycle Women from Sid or Bathers. This is only a part of the paintings from this cycle, which is kept in the Gallery

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15. Triptych Pickers

One of the frequent motifs between 1938 and 1942 is work in the vineyard. On the widely laid out vineyards, we recognize people working: spraying the vineyard, picking grapes, and carrying heavy baskets of grapes Towards the end of his life, Sumanovic started working on a new series. We do...

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